Since the 80s, Promintra has already started importing cleaning machines from Italy, but with the entry of one of the current partners in 1992, this area began to take more and more strength. Today Promintra is known throughout Spain, either under the company name or under the trade name “”, as a trusted supplier of kitchenware, household items, small appliances and items for promotions. In the different catalogs of the manufacturers with whom Promintra works exclusively in Spain there are a total of more than 13,000 articles.

Items in the kitchenware range (batteries, cutlery, cutlery and other utensils) are normally available immediately from our warehouse for a service within 24 hours. The other items we serve on many occasions directly from our warehouses in Northern Europe. For the peace of mind of the clients and so that they always have very competitive transport prices, a door-to-door service is always offered and a delivery time of less than 1 week.

All the items that Promintra sells have something in common: They all have the best quality / price ratio that can be found in the entire Spanish market. It is for this reason that for years our slogan is … “The best kitchenware at the best price”.

The best-selling and most attractive items can be found in our online catalogs.